29 setembro, 2006

Assesment house

Everything happened at a glance in an ordinary street of a no less ordinary. A dog started barking. A boy was crying that moment and a lady arrived climbing into a pull of mug and water. Meanwhile, an elderly was making a huge effort to get into a bus, which passed and threw water in everybody, including the elderly, who got sick of pneumonia three days later (and dyed after a week). The assessment of the jury was considerably favorable for the bus company, despites the salary discount the driver have had as a fine. The legal estimation concluded that the climbing lady perturbed the driver’s view and made him hit the bus and to destroy her leg, the non climbing one. The, now, wheelchair woman had to pay the elderly treatment. Once it was not possible, he had some complications and passed away, making the woman have to be arrested. The boy who was crying went in a deeper level of depression. His catatonia made him unable of feeding his dog, which could not stand the rave anymore and occasionally bet its owner, what tended to make him cry. Not anymore.

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